A prayer for the Christians of America

2015-01-20_1433 SunsetSeasons pass, and within the last year I have entered into a new season in my life, one that I’m still trying to define and make sense of. My heart is heavy knowing that certain things can never be the same as they once were, even if attempts are made to make them so. Concerning America at large,  God is weighing heavily on me that a light has gone out on this nation. People have changed, and the spark that once drove us is gone. Most of this audience represents the remnant of a better day and way of being, one that still has some sway (hence the 2014 election results) but is clearly being left behind by the prevailing forces of moral relativism, secularism, collectivism, strictly-enforced multi-culturalism,  and insert whatever else one may here.

LORD: We humbly ask You continue to guide we who are the remnant during this dark time. We know that America is not mentioned anywhere in prophecy, and therefore its existence must come to some sort of end before the events of the seven-year tribulation can come to pass. Grant us discernment and wisdom, so that we may see clearly how the groundwork, of sorts, is being laid for the rise of the coming Anti-Christ. And, Father, we know that many Christians are likely to suffer greatly or be killed in the coming years, and millions around the world are presently suffering and dying. Our society is in open rebellion – being directed, as sheep, from on high – against  You, and against the values and principles laid out in Your Word. May the true believers stay strong against all who stand in their way. Victory is Yours in the end, it has already been written. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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A personal plea to God to grow and improve as a writer

Some may not agree, but I believe I am a decent writer. What I am not is a storyteller. Therefore, I stick to writing relatively short blurbs on news articles I post, and that has not gone anywhere. Sure, there is a respectable number of social media followers, but it is not as though I am making any money or – most importantly – feeling fulfilled. Frankly, it is horribly depressing chronicling the garbage of this fallen world day after day. God has called upon me to be a messenger for liberty and traditional values, and for the most part I have done my best to be that. Now it is time to grow as a writer, for I am not getting any younger. It is time to somehow expand upon the work I do, and I humbly ask the Lord – here and now – to grant me the mental energy and the wisdom to do just that. Perhaps there is a great story in me just yet – how I would love to write a great work of fiction. Any sort of fiction. It has become tiresome just rallying against this or that constantly, though I will continue to do so as long as He commands it. Father, in Jesus’ name, I pray to become better than I am at whatever it is You call upon me to write, for I know I am not very good at much of anything else. So allow me to be among the very best at this. Amen and amen.

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Where this page and its editor stands on white rights, and race in general

2015-01-03_1013 I stand with IsraelI’m all for supporting organizations and individuals that advocate for the rights of white people, because we are getting to the point in America where the balance has shifted far enough that we need it. However, going to many of these FB pages and such, there’s so much of this ‘blame the Jews’ and anti-Israeli mindset being served up, and I want nothing to do with that! Nor do I wish to engage in repressive acts against people of other races, particularly those who are good, Christian and Jewish people. I just want myself and other white people to be respected, for it to be acknowledged by all that it is a Judeo-Christian nation, and to stop being blamed for the all the evils of the world. Especially when it comes to the Jews, lay off of that absolute non-sense. It is an affront to God, they are the Chosen Ones, like it or not! Islam and God-less atheists are the enemy, period …

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Happy New Year’s from Bay State Conservative News

2014-12-31_1653 Al Moore January 1950For everyone going out to ‘celebrate’ the New Year: Don’t die on the roads, bear in mind with each drink that you’ll be hurting tomorrow, and know that you’re not actually celebrating anything except what has been deemed the most socially acceptable excuse/moment to get ridiculously wasted and act like obnoxious loons. As for me, I’ll happily be at home and by myself, away from all the party people. Not that was I was invited to any parties, of course, and I’m more than grateful for that: Yes, grateful, because what a burden it would be to have been invited to something and then having to explain to whoever the person was that I’d rather dodge enemy bullets in the middle of an open desert than spend even two seconds around loud, drunken hipsters and other assorted losers. Nothing against drinking, of course, just against drinking in public and with other people. Gentlemen (and ladies, of course) drink alone, and in a safe environment. So, here’s to a happy 2015, hopefully better than 2014, so on and so forth …

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1 Corinthians 13:11, and a modern world ruled by overgrown children

2014-12-26_1437 1 Corinthians 13:11Not absolutely perfect myself in this regard – though conscious of my character flaws and striving for better – but it would appear the overwhelming majority of ‘grown-ups’ in the world today would be wise to heed this verse, and apply it. Instead, we have a society that is becoming more interdependent, immature, and stubbornly unthinking with each passing day. Overgrown children. It is reflected most prominently in the pop culture, but in many other ways, too. The decline of manners, for instance. This widespread immaturity is the ultimate root cause of our undeniable downfall as a society.

What is really starting to become alarming is just how goofy and child-like the young and even middle-aged women are now: They’re acting just like the boys do, or worse, and because they’ve been propagandized their whole lives by Marxists that they can do anything boys can do. The natural and traditional roles of the man, and the same of the woman, have been grossly perverted in our time. The damage resulting is all around us if only we take the time to look and have the discernment to know what we see. Look at all these forty-year-old ‘cougars,’ desperately trying to be teenagers again. It could manifest itself as something as simple as grown adults spending hours playing computer games that ought to be meant for little kids. There is a reason these computer games are pushed so heavily, for they’re an incredible distraction from what the powers-that-be – servants of Lucifer – don’t want us to know.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any practical political solution here. Sure, moral Christians who see the problem could be like the radical Muslims and try to enforce morality with violence and terror, but we’re more humane than that. The Democrats and Republicans have no solutions, and most of the time they’re just part and parcel of the problem (ISAIAH 3:12 – ‘… infants are their oppressors.’) The only real solution would be a mass awakening on the scale of which none of us alive have ever witnessed or could probably imagine. Which would start with billions accepting Christ as Savior and learning/applying the Word, particularly 1 Cor. 13:11. Until or if that ever happens, accept we are living through the fall of the Roman Empire, but never approve of the degradation; always strive to rise above it, always speak out against it, in Jesus’ name!

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That Hamilton Woman (1941)

There simply never has been a greater film made. Ask Churchill, he reportedly viewed it eighty-three times. Vivian Leigh and Sir Laurence Olivier give performances right out of Heaven, which is only fitting considering who they were portraying: Admiral Lord Nelson and Emma, Lady Hamilton literally changed Europe, and protected the world’s greatest empire from the anti-Christ of the day, Napoleon. They were the most famous and celebrated Britons of the era. Their incredible devotion to each other – so brilliantly portrayed here – is simply inconceivable to the average, dehumanized rube dominating and polluting this dying world of the 21st Century. Yet, they were the subject of ‘scandal,’ condemned by the ungrateful and feeble-minded too small to realize they owed all they had to the protection Lord Nelson provided, and to the woman who inspired him and, yes, protected him in return. They achieved the highest glory possible on earth, but also suffered horrible, horrible indignities. Praise God they existed, and in Heaven they shine brighter and radiate even more honor and glory than in life. Vivian Leigh – immortal goddess of the screen – and the incomparable Sir Olivier quite literally became them in this work of art that is superior to all. And to think of the entertainment people indulge in today! So many fools, overlooking that which can restore their lives and inspire them to return to the Lord, if only they took the time to know and care.

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Damning the ‘millennials,’ the most tasteless and selfish generation in modern history

2014-11-24_1431 Budweiser CyldesdalesDisgusting: Budweiser will no longer use the iconic Clydesdales in holiday advertising, and will now focus on the ‘millennials.’ Apparently the ‘millennial’ generation doesn’t like horses very much. What a damn shame: Those Bud holiday ads with the horses were perfect, exactly what a television ad should be but all too rarely ever is. And now they’re gone forever, a victim of a stunning generational shift.

The more I see and hear from today’s young people, the more I’m convinced their tastes in just about everything are pitifully bad – and it is their tastes that ad agencies, politicians, and much of society as a whole are now catering to. The rest of us have been deemed too old and ‘unhip’ to have much influence on the culture anymore. The thinking of this generation – to the extent they do think – is completely wrong in practically every single way, a product of the mass brainwashing they received from the omnipresent radicals of the older generations. They appear to demand ‘change’ just for the sake of ‘change,’ and they’re consistently fixing those things which weren’t really broke or ever needed fixing. They appear very eager to re-write and re-define our past in order to suit their globalist, pseudo-Marxist worldview. They are personally selfish and value material comfort and group-think over liberty and character. And, seemingly paradoxically to their personal selfishness, they are very collectivist in mindset, and are overly concerned with group rights than those of the individual (unless that individual is them.) They appear to have zero regard for the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and for our Founding Fathers. Christianity is treated as a joke and a relic that must be erased from history.

Yes, there are exceptions; there are always exceptions in every group and every circumstance, and some fine leaders may yet emerge from among them. Far more likely, though, that the world is going to be a much darker place that it already is when these ‘millennials’ take over the reigns of power. And it appears they already are getting started on doing just that. At 36, I’m toward the tail end of the generation now moving into middle-age, so I suppose I’m not all that far removed from the ‘millennials;’ except I apparently am because I do not understand this generation of people at all. Something drastic changed between my generation (‘Gen X,’ or whatever we’re called now) and this one – the differences between those born before roughly 1980 and those afterward are stark, albeit often in ways that may not be easy to put one’s finger on. In closing, I think I simply hate this ‘millennial’ generation, yes I do. They don’t even like horses, how inhumane and selfish is that!?

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