The sheeple waking up to realize their liberties – and the country they once knew – have been taken away from them

2014-11-19_1405 Jefferson and ObamaAmerica’s ‘personal freedom’ index – a survey of how ‘free’ citizens feel in their respective countries – has taken a dramatic nosedive since Obama took office. Citizens of twenty other countries consider themselves to have more liberty than we do. This is exactly what Obama and the ‘progressives’ wanted, though – a greater focus on ‘group rights’ than individual rights, and a stifling atmosphere of unquestioning allegiance from all to their social, economic, and environmental agendas. We are reaping what they have sowed.

While surveys have their flaws and probably cannot fully measure the mood of a nation, is anyone other than the committed ‘progressive’ Obama supporter going to come forth and tell us honestly that everything is okay, and that life has never been better in the United States? It’s very obvious what the mood of this nation is, and we’re pissed off. Rightfully so, and Obama and the progressives know this. But they’re not backing down … they’re doubling down, and these coming two years are going to be the harshest and most difficult to come for all of us ordinary people who are their prey. The left’s assault on civil liberties has been, arguably, an overall success. It will only intensify, cannot possibly be stopped unless there is a mass uprising against them. A bigger and more meaningful uprising than simply voting some Democrats out of Congress. Obama and his allies have left us no choice: Ordinary Americans are pissed off now, but just how pissed off they are is about to be severely tested, starting right now.

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Four killed in barbaric attack on Jerusalem synagogue

2014-11-18_0057 Israel and AmericaPeace’ will never be made with these Palestinians, and should no longer be pursued by world leaders. The only real option is for the Palestinians to be destroyed and driven out of the West Bank and Gaza. By that token, no amount of Jewish blood spilled is going to change the hearts and minds of those who cry for the Palestinians; they are always going to hate Israel and the Jews. God will deal with them in His time, including the anti-Semite in the White House. Thoughts and prayers for all affected: May their relatives and loved ones find comfort in the support of Godly people everywhere.

AP – Jerusalem synagogue attack; Three Americans, one Briton killed

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Obama backhands our sister nation, and imperils both of our countries with his stubborn refusal to approve Keystone XL

2014-11-15_1155 Keystone XL PipelineAll Americans and Canadians of good faith and any ounce of common sense need to be completely disgusted by this latest act of treason from Mr. Obama. Both of our nations desperately need the Keystone XL pipeline built: Energy independence should trump any environmental concerns (which are likely way overblown), but Obama has made it clear through every action of his over the years that he wants America (and, apparently, Canada) to be dependent on the rest of the world, and all Americans to be entirely dependent on the government. ‘Independence’ is a dirty word in the man’s lexicon, and he’s proven to be incredibly immune to both reason and public pressure. His agenda is to bring America to its knees and enslave it to the emerging one world government, and he’s succeeded mightily in doing just that. So, it’s not as if he is simply being a stubborn jackass, he’s hellbent on sticking to the nation-killing agenda and approving of the pipeline would run completely counter to that. January 20, 2017, cannot come soon enough, but Lord only knows if whoever the next president is will put America and Canada first, or be another tireless foot soldier for the New World Order. If it’s the latter, then that pipeline is never getting built.

The Globe and MailKeystone pipeline good for Canada, not U.S., Obama says

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Charlie Baker and marijuana in Massachusetts: Not his cross to bear

4 Gubernatorial Hopefuls Weigh In On Service ProvidersCannabis is already decriminalized in the Commonwealth, and only those dealing huge amounts are ever going to find themselves in serious legal trouble. The world hasn’t spun off its axis because of this. Responding to a potential 2016 ballot initiative that would officially make pot legal, Gov.-elect Charlie Baker proved yet again he’s as much a busybody, thou-knows-better-than-you narcissist as any Democrat, saying he would ‘vigorously’ oppose any such measure – because ‘it’s just plain bad.’ Cry us a river, so is that piece of chocolate cake any given neurotic woman (or man, I suppose) trying to stick to her diet snuck in after dinner last night. ‘Just plain bad,’ is that even a semi-serious argument? No matter, this is another typical big government politician, treating us like children who can’t be trusted to make our own decisions in life, to say nothing of using actual children as pawns to shame and suppress as Nanny Staters never fail to do.

Massachusetts may have elected a Republican governor in this election, but the voters of the Commonwealth sure as hell did not the reflect the spirit voters displayed nationwide – one of get the government the hell out of our lives. Whether it was on marijuana (voters in Oregon and Alaska voted to legalize it), Obamacare, the class warfare perpetuated by the ‘progressives,’ and so on, people most everywhere said ‘enough’ and ‘back the hell off’ to the Nanny Staters, many of whom lost their jobs as a result. Massachusetts voters, on the other hand, asked for more of the Nanny State, more of the status quo. That all said, if there is a ballot initiative in 2016, it will most likely pass by a wide margin, and Charlie Baker is utterly wasting his time and political clout by getting involved.

Yours truly is not going to argue one way or another about marijuana’s benefits or lack thereof, but obviously it’s not heroin or a truly deadly illicit street drug. And it’s not all the prescription meds that are being shoved down peoples’ throats like candy, and Lord only knows what’s in all of that. Think all those school shootings have just been random? No, in every single case it’s apparent to me that these young killers were doped up on a cocktail of meds – Lithium, Prozac, and whatever else. Then there is alcohol, and that’s perfectly legal. Saying this as a drinker, what causes more grief and destruction than abuse of alcohol? Point being, ‘reefer madness’ is outdated paranoia left over from a time that is now long past, and also a giant distraction from the real problems facing America. Furthermore, it’s always a slippery slope whenever government is allowed to say what one can or can not put into their own bodies, as we’re discovering with Mrs. Obama’s failed school lunch program, or the war on tobacco that will only serve to create a dangerous black market. It is not a legitimate function of the government to tell us what to consume, and Mr. Baker would be wise to wake up and realize this. But Mr. Baker is a Nanny State wolf in sheep’s clothing, and incapable of knowing better, so moot point.

Boston.comGov.-elect Charlie Baker opposes legalizing marijuana

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2014 election predictions

2014-11-04_1350 Gil Elvgren VoteIf the GOP is going take the U.S. Senate, it’ll be by the slimmest of margins. They must win in Alaska, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, and New Hampshire. In all those states, it’s looking very iffy for each of the GOP candidates. The Democrats are going to lose seats in Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Louisiana, and probably North Carolina, but it won’t matter too much to the bottom line if they take some or all of the five states I just identified as being critical to GOP victory. So, let’s not get too excited here, not just yet. We can safely assume the GOP will expand its majority in the U.S. House.

Massachusetts question three, which would repeal the new law allowing casinos, is going to fail by a wide margin. As will the gas tax. We may be ‘Taxachusetts,’ but the people here are not going to allow automatic gas tax hikes to stand, not a chance. Martha Coakley will be elected governor by a very slim margin. All it takes is two or three percent of previously undecided voters – in a heavily Democratic state – to be turned off by all the ‘fisherman’ stuff to put Charlie Baker away. Yours truly could not care less who wins that race, ended up leaving that spot on the ballot blank. In MA-06, Democrat Seth Moulton is going to beat liberal Republican Richard Tisei, and frankly he deserves the win. Not often I’d say that about a Democrat, but this is a very strange race and a very strange state. I can only imagine how some of you in the deeply red states would react to seeing some of Tisei’s campaign ads. Look them up on Youtube if you’re really curious and have a few moments to waste.

In Texas, Wendy Davis is going to be routed, possibly by a historic margin. The wrong candidate for the wrong state. She’d probably do well here. Florida voters appear poised to fire Rick Scott and put Charlie Crist back in. Another conservative governor who one can probably stick a fork in is Sam Brownback in Kansas. One GOP pickup we’re likely to see is in Connecticut, where Tom Foley will defeat incumbent Daniel Malloy. Very interesting what is happening in the U.S. House races in the Nutmeg State: I say the GOP takes two of the five seats, all currently in Democratic hands. Don’t expect any miracles in Illinois, for it is Illinois and the Chicago mafia is too powerful. Pennsylvania and Gov. Tom Corbett are a lost cause. Looking forward to seeing Paul LePage win a second term in Maine, am a fan of that guy. Finally, Scott Walker is going to survive (yet again) in Wisconsin.

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